Win a trio bundle of your favorite digital assets every month!
This month's trio - privacy tokens:

Here's How To Participate In The Bitcoin Giveaway

Make A Deposit

For each deposit you make into any of the supported cryptocurrencies, receive an entry into our Digital Asset Trio Giveaway.
Deposit into your ThreeBx Wallet –¬†

Buy An Offer

Receive an entry for each purchase of any amount from one of the offers listed in the ThreeBx Marketplace:

Purchase Threshodl Tokens

Purchase Threshodl in the ThreeBx Marketplace Token Store and receive an entry for each transaction.
ThreeBx Marketplace Token Store –

What Is ThreeBx?

ThreeBx is a community driven digital asset marketplace. We are a platform for users to trade digital assets and cryptocurrencies without many of the restrictions and complications of a traditional exchanges. ThreeBx has no market impact during trades, no trading pair restrictions, the ability to create private offers to remove listings from the public marketplace, and growing support for popular cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Join the ThreeBx community today and be entered into our giveaways!

The Digital Asset Giveaway Schedule

12 October 2018

Kenn B
0.0763429 BTC

19 October 2018

Jack H
0.0763429 BTC

26 October 2018

Victor I
0.0791342 BTC

02 November 2018

Michael M
0.0773858 BTC

30 November 2018

1 Winner

31 December 2018

1 Winner

Digital Asset Giveaway FAQS

If I win, where will I receive my digital assets?

You will receive the prize in the ThreeBx wallet associated with your account.

Can I stay anonymous if I win?

Yes. If you are picked as a winner, you will have the ability to remain anonymous.

Can I win multiple times?

Yes! You are eligible to win each of the giveaways regardless if you have previously won.

Can I enter this giveaway without creating an account or trading on ThreeBx?

No. To be eligible for the giveaway, you must have a SMS-verified ThreeBx account. Trading on the platform will only give you more entries into the giveaway.

How do I get entries from trading?

For every deposit, offer bought, or Threshodl token purchase, you will get an additional entry into the giveaway. The number of entries will be the total number of transactions beginning 01 October 2018.

Are there any additional requirements?

Each user account must have a valid email and phone number. Once your account is email and SMS verified, you will be eligible for the giveaway!


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