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Meet ThreeBx.

Community Driven Digital Asset Marketplace.

Community Driven

Our community of buyers and sellers drive all of our trades. We offer a transparent platform with the freedom to trade any asset for any other supported asset using our marketplace or through a private offer.

Digital Assets

Our platform is designed to support various types of digital assets, not just cryptocurrencies. With the ability to create offers between any two assets, ThreeBx is a powerful ecosystem.

True Marketplace

We’ve designed our platform with the community in mind. ThreeBx simplifies the verification process, facilitates instant trades between users with no market impact, avoids coin shaving, and has a simple and familiar user interface.

Why ThreeBx?

Your Platform. Your Rules

Create offers for any supported asset with few restrictions regarding trading pairs, amounts, margins, and listing parameters. List your offers in our public marketplace or hide them through private offers.

No Market Impact

With ThreeBx, you can trade with no market impact. Because we aggregate our market values from multiple markets, we avoid market impact during trades and improve the stability of prices within our marketplace.

Private Offers

ThreeBx supports private offers. List your assets in the public marketplace or make them accessible to only the people you share them with.

No Trading Pairs

ThreeBx has removed the constraints of trading pairs by creating an open marketplace. Users can trade between any of our supported assets, giving you complete control of your offers.

Create an Account & Start Trading.

Quickly Trade Crypto-to-Crypto

With ThreeBx, you can trade between any of our supported assets with low market impact through a simple to use interface. ThreeBx removes the high barriers of entry to cryptocurrency trading and brings the community a much needed tool.

Step 1

Create Your Account.

To get started with ThreeBx, create an account and verify your email and phone number. Once you deposit into your account’s wallets, you’ll be able to start trading immediately.

Step 2

Make A Deposit.

Before you can trade, make a deposit into your account. Go to your wallets, click deposit, and use the shown information to make a deposit. Once the deposit has been confirmed, you can create offers in the marketplace or shop existing ones.

Step 3

Start Trading.

Purchase an offer, or create your own. Offers are customizable to include price margins, listing parameters, and purchase limits. Offers can also be made private so that they are only visible to people you share them with.


To celebrate our launch, we are giving away Bitcoin to 4 lucky winners!

Low & Simple Transaction Fees.

Introducing Threshodl Tokens.

Most marketplaces and exchanges have fees in the traded cryptocurrency, allowing the platform to take a small piece of everything traded on their platform. On ThreeBx, all trading fees are based on our own token — the Threshodl Token. Instead of ThreeBx taking a piece of the traded asset, this ERC-20 token is used instead.

Get What You Pay For

Our Threshodl token is used for all trade fees. This means no coin shaving. If you are buying one BTC, you’re receiving one BTC. Because we don’t rely on the traded asset as a source for fees, this also translates to more support for other digital assets, not just cryptocurrencies.

Earn Free Trades & Tokens

With weekly deals and promotions, sign-up referrals, redemption codes and future airdrops, there are endless opportunities for you to reduce your trading fees. Threshodl tokens can also be purchased using any of our supported assets.


ThreeBx is integrating new coins into the marketplace every month. Get your coin listed on our marketplace through our ThreeBx partnership program. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.


Are you a talented designer, marketer, or engineer that wants to work in the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry? Our company is constantly growing and we are always looking for talented individuals. Check our job postings or send us an email!


Be apart of our community driven digital asset listings! Create an account and vote for coins, tokens, or digital assets to get them supported in ThreeBx. We want the community to help drive our development and help us expand our asset collection. 

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